Yasemin Tamer

Chief Supply Chain Officer
LC Waikiki

Yasemin Tamer is someone who is very energetic and loves constant improvement and the use of new technology in the field.

She has endless curiosity to learn and embraces upcoming challenges. She has 30 years of Supply Chain experience. Half of which, has been in China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong therefore carrying vast importance throughout her career. She is a fan of traveling and experiencing new things as well as new tastes.

Message to the Supply Chain Community

It is a tremendous honor to be among 30 leaders once again in the Supply Chain Awards which is one of the most prestigious awards in the Supply Chain world. I’m accepting this precious award on behalf of my teammates who overcame all the challenges and unknown times and transferred to success over the past years.

This award is ultimately a tribute to hard work, team spirit, and devotion. As LC Waikiki, we will continue to add value to the industry with our mission of “Everyone deserves to dress well”.

With this mission that covers social values, we embrace an understanding that covers our entire ecosystem as a whole and happily shares the growth journey of our suppliers.

Supply chain management is a crucial part of business success. Although we have witnessed that companies have been dealing with different crises recently, if there is a problem, there is a solution. In recent years, we have worked hard on digitalization, cost management, sustainability, and human resource development and have seen the results successfully, so I can easily say that; value people. Team and achieving together is everything.


“Today, as LC Waikiki, we serve our customers in 59 countries on 4 continents with over 1300 stores of approximately 2 million square meters. We are the market leader in 23 of the countries we operate in and we are the 6th largest clothing retailer in Europe.”

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