Tamera Fenske

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Tamera Fenske has always been curious about how things are made, what makes the world flow, and the synergy created when people work together to drive positive change. As a self-described problem solver who enjoys challenges – including hiking and scuba diving with her family, as well as keeping her two German shorthaired pointers entertained – Tamera decided that a career in supply chain would be challenging, rewarding, and provide the opportunity to work right alongside those making things!

Message to the Supply Chain Community

It’s always rewarding to be recognized for leadership, but no leader is successful without a high performing, committed team. While leaders define the path and inspire the team to reach beyond, in the end, success depends on getting the hearts and minds of the people we lead. This award is a recognition of the Kimberly-Clark team – a diverse group of incredibly talented, driven, and innovative problem solvers. They come to work each day prepared to embrace new opportunities, drive continuous improvement, and play to win. It is truly a privilege to be a part of the team.

Many of us work in companies that are household names and serve a sizable portion of the world’s population. And while our customers and consumers may take our products and services for granted, anyone who works in supply chain knows the work that goes into making an absorbent diaper or creating a healthy breakfast food. Our respective supply chains are the engines that fuel our businesses and propel us forward. We navigate headwinds, smooth volatility, plan and pivot through changing market conditions and deliver on our commitments. Those challenges and disruptions have increased in scale and frequency, but we are building sustained agility and resilience to drive continued performance. I’m proud of our profession, and especially grateful to contribute to a company whose purpose is to provide Better Care for a Better World.


Supply Chain Transformation Journey

“When the economy halted during the pandemic, Kimberly-Clark was caught like everyone else by the extraordinary unpredictable spikes in consumer demand. With OTIF and DIO trending in the wrong direction and customer needs wilding fluctuating, the Logistics team evaluated its processes for opportunities to excel, looking to deliver high levels of availability while also recovering and improving margins.”

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