Maciej Kaniowski

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Maciej is a turnaround guy. He loves his team, loves Supply Chain, and the immense, transformative value it brings to the business.

A firm believer in resilience-grounded self-awareness, and looking for inspiration and wisdom everywhere, he’s trekking through the ultimate wilderness of Lapland, as we speak.
Yes, he’s an avid hiker and no, there is no reception.

Message to the Supply Chain Community

This award gets my juices flowing and makes me grin like a Cheshire cat… It is such a beautiful recognition for the Ops Team of Avon! A high-performing team of awesome people and great professionals, who through their full-on embrace of concepts of ownership, action, and working together are moving the business forward, elevating Supply Chain while at it.

Fall in love with the twilight zone around Supply Chain. Use the lack of distraction associated with constant stage lights to get things done at an immense pace. Create value, appreciate your end-to-end impact, talk business, and elevate Supply Chain. This is THE place to be if what you care for are teams, people, communities, networks, a sustainable future, business performance, and making a dent in the world. For us all and for the generations that will come after us. #GameOn!


“In combination with becoming a part of Natura &Co Group, Avon International – a beautiful company with a purposeful 130+ years legacy – has embarked on and accelerated a massive business transformation to redesign Relationship Selling, reignite the brand, and enter the omnichannel landscape. For such a significant scope, it was required to overhaul the operating model, ensure a hard change in profitability and cash position, deliver countless projects in parallel, break multiple taboos, and adopt a culture relevant for disruptive times.”

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