Sven Markert

Head & EVP Supply Chain Business Company Smart Infrastructure
Siemens AG

Pushing the limits, and not only in supply chain. This is Sven Markert. At a very early stage, he started his own forwarding business in the early 90´s. With no experience, but big dreams. Ultimately, Sven changed to a global industrial company, which he never wanted as a young schoolboy. Finally, Sven made a remarkable career in Siemens, leading the pack to reach the Gartner Supply Chain list ranked this year’s Top 15. Father of two kids and loves to ride rollercoasters even more than they do.

Message to the Supply Chain Community

It is a great honor for me to receive this award and I am deeply grateful and humbled to achieve this award. In reality, this award is attributable to the merit of my team. For me personally, it is all about people and teamwork.

No team, no success, no award.

In this ambiguous world, in which we solve problems every day, our role is not only to strive to do things right but also to doing the right things. Supply Chain delivers with strategic direction, tactical structure, and operational performance!


Focus set on Digital Supply Chain

“Achieving full process transparency in purchase and sales order management in ONE ecosystem to do more with less and being more sustainable in what we do. Order Management does not just mean receiving orders from customers. It includes all steps until delivering the product – we record here up to 200 different types of activities!”

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