Meri Stevens

Chief Operations Officer

Meri Stevens is excited to be part of the founding leadership team of Kenvue—the world’s largest pure-play consumer health company by revenue. As Chief Operations Officer she is transforming the organization end to end, using the power of digital to unlock performance. Meri is proud of the way her teams have banded together to lead through disruptions and deliver for customers and consumers, and each other. Meri is a strong supporter of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and serves on the advisory board of the Smithsonian Science Education Center. She and her husband have three grown daughters.

Message to the Supply Chain Community

It is a great honor to be recognized amongst so many prominent Supply Chain Leaders. As Kenvue’s Chief Operations Officer, it’s been exciting to work alongside a team of thousands of changemakers to create a new level of credibility and highlight the extraordinary power of everyday care. I’m proud of the success we’ve had thus far and I look forward to leading us forward as we continue our mission to provide products that enhance human health and wellness.

After years of pandemic, storms, floods, port congestion, social and geopolitical unrest, and labor and energy shortages, we are rising above these disruptions with agility to seamlessly serve our customers and consumers every day. The world looks to supply chain professionals for solutions to respond to volatility and to build not only resilience into our operations but also effectiveness and efficiency to offset inflationary costs. With the emergence of new tech capabilities, we are leaning into the power of digital. We are developing the right people, tools, and processes to serve the people who depend on us. We have emerged from the last few years stronger than ever. We have a firm seat at the table and are orchestrating solutions to support our business for the future.


“The success of Kenvue’s supply chain and operations team through this transition is fueled by the power of data, the benefits of technology, and the capability of its people. Kenvue taps into the talents of its diverse workforce and “digital natives,” who innately understand the opportunities that digitization brings to the organization. Kenvue’s end-to-end, digitally connected supply chain ecosystem is purpose-built to deploy resources to partners and consumers across the globe whenever and wherever they need them.”

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