Lynn Torrel

Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer

Lynn Torrel is a visionary supply chain leader with a passion for enacting positive change across the entire manufacturing and supply chain industry, improving supplier sustainability across the globe, and investing in innovative digital technologies that deliver exceptional results and resiliency for customers. As an advocate for women and the future of supply chain talent, Lynn is an active speaker and educator at top universities where she influences the next generation of supply chain professionals with an aim to empower more women to join the industry.

Message to the Supply Chain Community

It’s an honor to be recognized as a leader in the supply chain community. I see this as an award not just for me, but for my entire team. This accolade is a true testament to the excellent work and dedication of my team as they continue to deliver innovative solutions for our customers to the most pressing supply chain challenges today, plus how we can push the industry forward in the future.

In an industry facing unprecedented supply chain and logistics constraints, professionals in every corner of the supply chain are responsible for developing new protocols to increase both collaboration and visibility in order to mitigate the impact of future disruptions, be they environmental, geopolitical or macroeconomic. It’s time to take a hard look at traditional supply chain best practices and determine which should be kept, and which can be cast aside to move the industry forward. With broad participation from stakeholders across the industry, a true demand model will provide better information for companies throughout the supply chain to make better decisions.


“Supply chains have faced a myriad of risks over the past three years ranging from ongoing COVID disruption and unpredictable events to unbalanced global logistics. While many of these disruptions are often out of supply chain professionals’ hands, the industry is keen to identify which disruptions – or rather risks – can be controlled and mitigated before they can cause revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, and more.”

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