Paul Campbell

SVP Supply Chain
PepsiCo Europe

Paul Campbell is a true end-to-end business leader. He is wise, he is humble, and he is a valuable mentor for many who get the pleasure of working with him. Paul is a big champion of DEI, passionately advocating for gender diversity and mental health. He has a people-first mindset which serves as his personal and professional compass. Paul is a committed dad to his four daughters, a lifelong Liverpool football fan, and cooks up a storm in the kitchen with his incredible fresh pasta dishes.

Message to the Supply Chain Community

I’m truly honored and humbled to be nominated and shortlisted for the Alcott Global 2023 Leaders in Supply Chain Award. I’ve been in Supply Chain for over two decades and over the years, I’ve had the privilege to work with various talented associates in different fields and geographies. Whether we are working in manufacturing or distributing the best tasting snacks and beverages, we are focused on building a resilient end-to-end supply chain and we are digitally transforming the way we do business. In my role as PepsiCo Europe Supply Chain lead, I’ve had the opportunity to work on key platforms that are close to my heart such as increasing diversity, enhancing the prosperity of our local communities, and building a culture that is welcoming to all.

Looking at everything we’ve been able to accomplish so far, I feel nothing but pride. I would like to thank everyone at PepsiCo Europe for their partnership and trust. This recognition is a true testament to their hard work and commitment and I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey to creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Supply Chain has always played an important role in operations and in the development of businesses. During the pandemic, this role became even clearer as the Supply Chain function became more visible than ever. Today, as the world is evolving, we are seeing new technologies and innovations arising rapidly, and sustainability becoming more and more imperative. I believe Supply Chain should stay at the forefront of leading business and of leading change within business. And we can accomplish this by

  1. Asking the right questions and getting under the surface.

    What are the issues or problems that we are trying to solve? How can we add value to our consumers and customers? Not only from a supply chain perspective but also from a business and sustainability perspective.

  2. By valuing and seeking out diverse perspectives.

    Doing this will make sure we have a balanced and holistic view and look at our business end to end from different angles. To me those two things are a huge unlock for us to help make the systemic changes that are needed in the world today and for the future.


PepsiCo Supply Chain Case Study

“Supply Chain has historically been a male-dominated business function across many industries around the world.

Not only is attracting women into Supply Chain a challenge but traditionally girls have not been inspired to pursue Supply Chain relevant studies narrowing the talent pool even further.”

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