Cheryl Capps

Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer
Corning Incorporated

Cheryl Capps is a Global Operations leader who fell in love with manufacturing during a summer job as a teenager when she designed, programmed, and trained an hourly workforce to use a piece of equipment that tested first-generation electronic displays for Bally pinball machines. 40 years later, she continues to enable innovation, growth, and bottom-line financial success through Supply Chain Transformation and Operating Excellence. As a side hobby, Cheryl loves Formula 1 Racing and is an avid McLaren fan.

Message to the Supply Chain Community

I am truly honored to be recognized among a talented field of Supply Chain Leaders, many of whom I have worked with, collaborated with, benchmarked, or simply followed from afar over the years. Every year the field is stronger, more innovative, and more impactful as a community. It is so inspiring to hear about the journeys- the strategies, the challenges, and of course the achievements.

While our day-to-day focus is making an impact in our respective businesses, our legacy is the impact we have made on business as a whole. There has been no better time to be in the field of Supply Chain. Our contributions are needed and valued. We have technology. We have talent. We have a vision and a path to achieve it.


Employing Digitalization into Corning’s Sustainability Journey

“Since Cheryl Capps began transforming the supply chain function 12 years ago when she began at Corning she knew she wanted to make sustainability a part of the transformational journey. Largely decentralized and not built into core processes, Cheryl envisioned that sustainability could be integrated into her focus on the development and deployment of digital building blocks that could be used and re-used in new combinations to quickly address new problems and capture opportunities.”

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